Life insurance and Its applications

Lots of Life agents hrs 33 hrs. been one of the best sellers over the years.Long time best CE Book for Life agents.

ISBN: 0-9716595-0-8

Retail Price: $19.95

Basics of homeowners

Add a book only no course. 15 hr ce for P&C students. Great CE course with small test bank.

ISBN: 0-9716595-1-6

Retail Price: $19.95

Life and Financial Security

good for 14 hours. of LIfe agent. Adding a book only. Topics Common types of Insurance, Whole Life Contracts, Guaranteed Cost Policies, Participation Policies. Variable Life. Annuity Policies.

ISBN: 0-9716595-4-0

Retail Price: $1.00

Property & Casualty 52Hr

Property and Casualty 52 Hr Text book .California.

ISBN: Text books

Retail Price: $59.00

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